Through divorce and separation families often require support and assistance. We offer a range of assessment and consultation services designed to meet the unique needs of families in transition. Our goal is to offer focused interventions that are tailored for the individual family in order to minimize the level of intrusion and stress while maximizing both cost-effectiveness and the benefits to parents and children.

Collaborative Parenting Skills

This is a useful alternative for couples with low levels of conflict. This option provides guidance and education on child development and parenting issues with the expressed goal of helping separated and/or divorced couples develop and maintain healthy co-parenting skills. This intervention does not require a court order and is well suited for couples that wish to navigate the difficult terrain of divorce in the most amicable manner.

Short/Brief Focused Assessment

This is a time and cost saving option that is well suited to couples with a clearly defined and relatively straight forward parenting problem. Couples with conflict over scheduling, families with older children who are resistant to visitation, other discrete problems such as relocation, substance abuse, minor child maltreatment, special education needs, grandparent’s rights or other issues that are limited in scope are well-suited for such an option.
In more complicated and conflict ridden situations when issues of parental fitness or legal custody are in contention this option is not warranted. Typically the process in­volves 8-10 hours of contact, and depending on the given case, the assessment may consist of clinical interviews, collateral contacts, and review of relevant documents as well as psychological testing, drug screening and other options. As a result a brief summary report along with recommendations will be generated. If appropriate, verbal feedback may be provided in a conference format to the parties and/or their counsel. A court order or an agreed order is required for such an evaluation.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination begins with a court referral or an agreed order. This is a suitable option for parties with identified high conflict problems. It is designed to assist divorced or separated couples in high conflict to make decisions that are in the best interest of their minor children. As a court assigned professional, the parent­ing coordinator has the authority to revise or amend parenting time schedules, holiday schedules and other forms of contact between the parties and the children. The coordinator also has the authority to make changes to other aspects of the children’s routine, including but not limited to educational, religious and extracurricular activities. He/she also has the authority, as necessary, to require participation in mental health treatment for either the parents or the children.

Custody Evaluation with Brief Report

This is a cost saving option in which the process is the same as a comprehensive evaluation with the exception that the written report contains only a summary of findings along with recommendations. If appropriate, verbal feedback may be provided in a conference format to the parties and/or their counsel. Please note that both parties and counsels must agree to accept the abbreviated report. Similar to a comprehensive custody evaluation, a court order is required for such an evaluation.

Custody Evaluation with Full Report

A comprehensive custody evaluation is a lengthy and involved procedure. It includes the following but is not limited to: clinical interviews, extensive psychosocial histories, psychological testing, parent-child observations, collateral contacts with medical and mental health providers, teachers, child-care providers and extended family members, as well as any other person that may be relevant to the case. As indicated, the evaluation may require home visits and drug screening.

A full evaluation may be necessary when there are issues of parental fitness, including but not limited to mental health, child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, or relocation of one parent. Some families have such a high level of conflict and/or disagreement that a court hearing is unavoidable, and an evaluation is warranted. A court order is required for such an evaluation.

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